Simply : We aim to sustainably make clothes that inspire people to love wildlife and protect them.



The concept for [helpwild] was first developed in 2015, in Limpopo, South Africa. At a wildlife rescue center just outside of Kruger National Park, one of the wildest areas left on our planet, the small sanctuary treated injured and orphaned baboons. It was there we first experienced the vital, and severely underfunded, work of animal protection and conservation. After many return trips to work at the sanctuary, we wanted to offer more than a couple of pairs of boots on the ground. We wanted to create a community of wildlife enthusiasts, eager to learn about the wild, and the amazing organizations that tend to it.

And so, [helpwild] was born. 


[helpwild] was founded in new york city in 2022 to bring attention to endangered wildlife, promote climate science, and support vital wildlife organizations. Using art, fashion, and science, [helpwild] works to shine a brighter light on the issues challenging the stability of our biodiversity. Through strong partnerships rooted in a shared mission of conservation, [helpwild] provides financial & strategic support to the wildlife organizations protecting our animals around the world.





new york city